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    Lightbulb Need to clean out my HD, but don't want to lose important programs?
    I have an ibook G4, I've only got 819.3 MB left on my hard drive and need to clean it of any unnecessary files and what not. I have Onyx downloaded I just don't know how to back up all my info with out taking all the crap I don't want too. Please help.


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    start by running monolingual (just make sure you keep any languages you regularly use

    That will save some space

    THen consider using ONYX to clean out the caches if that has not been done in a while

    After its all done use ONYX to run a reapir permissions to make sure everything is ship shape

    Then just go through the folders to find out what is taking up all that room (usually duplicate music in itunes)

    UNless of course you want to back everything up to an external, reinstall and move stuff back, in which case carbon copy cloner is the app you want

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    I have time machine b/c I'm running Leopard. Wouldn't that be sufficient to back all my stuff up?

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