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    MobileMe... bah.
    My wife and I decided to go ahead and spring for the MobileMe service. I was under the impression that they had resolved the issues they had since launch, but that's a joke. My desktop and my iPhone both sync to MM just fine when a new event is created on either device, but nothing ever gets pushed back to the other. Well not until the other creates a new event and syncs up. Leave them idle... nothing syncs. Only MM stays in sync. Spent a good two hours over 2 chat sessions with tech support going through the basics of the setup... each time "hopeful" things were working since we were able to get a sync each time, but no such luck in my testing since. Same problem on my wife's iPhone. Anyone else having such issues with MobileMe and syncing? Anyone know of a sure-fire cure?

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    I wish I could view your setup, I find that everything stays perfectly in sync, on my laptop, desktop, iphone and on my mobile me site.
    cant see where your problem is?
    There were some hiccups initially, but for the last few weeks I have found the service brilliant
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    I've been engaged with tech support chat for over an hour now this session... I can't even begin to tell you the ridiculousness I've run into. Got a pop-up saying my trial was over and needed to upgrade, though on my account page it shows I'm good for another 363 days. In the registered computer list, it turns out MM thought I was on a different computer (same name). At moment, all my data (iCal, contacts, etc) are wiped out on my desktop, but intact on MobileMe and despite repeatedly trying one-way syncs from "the cloud" to my desktop, nothing changes.

    Grrrrrrr..... well back to my support person....

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