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    Hard drive Imaging
    Im looking in to ways to create a 1:1 image of my macbook pro's hard drive and then back this image up on an external hard drive.

    Also, If my macbook one day goes to pop and I want to restore a backed up image how would I go about doing this?

    Whilst im on this topic.. what software could I use which does the same for windows? (friends and familys systems)

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    To make a copy of your HD to external use SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner. SuperDuper is faster on firewire, particularly if you pay the registration fee. SuperDuper is fully Leopard compatible also.

    Takes about twernty minutes to do a full weekly backup with SuperDuper, which reads all files and overwrites/updates anything new.

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    When you have made an image onto a hard drive is it possible to brows the indervidual files inside the image?

    How would you then restore the image if your macbook gets problems?

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