okay, so I've been using quicksilver for a little while, mostly as an application launcher, with a few plug-ins, but as much as I love some things about it, others drive me crazy! I was just wondering if you quicksilver loving guys out there could help...(I'm using leopard btw)

I downloaded it from the blacktree site, but it doesn't look like the screen caps I've seen (transparent with big icons side by side). Mines a silver rectangle...and interface plug-ins don't do anything. I found another version that was called b5x, I think, which looks like the screen caps I've seen, but interface plug-ins still don't work, and I really want to use this one: http://quicksilver.blacktree.com/plugins.php

and the BIG issue is, it doesn't seem to find a lot of stuff! I'll search for folders I know I have, and they won't show up on the list. Same for files....So I never use quicksilver to find files....and I'd really like to. Help me, please? =(