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ssock 08-28-2008 01:55 PM

iPhoto Import Issue - Unreadable Files
I am new to Mac. Recently purchased MacBook Pro and imported all of my old photos into iPhoto. After importing, I received the following message:

"50 photos have been found in the iPhoto Library that were not imported."

It then asks me if I would like to import them. The first time this happened, I said yes, and then it listed all of the files and said they were unreadable. The next time I opened iPhoto, I got the same message. This time I said no. I then got the following message:

"The photos have been placed in the folder /Users/username/Pictures/iPhoto Library Recovered Photos."

I cannot seem to delete these unreadable files. Each time I open iPhoto I get the same message. If I continue to answer NO, I get the same message about being placed in Recovered Photos_1,2,3...etc. It keeps adding a new sequential recovered photos file.

Can anyone tell me how to delete these files out of the library so I don't get this same question each time I open iPhoto?

Thanks a bunch for your expertise.

corazon 12-02-2008 11:33 AM

I have the EXACT same issue, even the number of unreadable files is the same, 50.

very annoying to go through this every time i open iphoto.

i had some duplicate files of all my images in other folders - i did not want to do this, but i deleted all of them. still no help, i get the unreadable 50 every time.

any help with this would be much appreciated.

next step would be to backup and delete every photo on my imac, which would be a major pain to do with some 3000+ images.


update - further googling found a thread on MacRumors forums with a post by Rontheancient with a fix that worked like a charm for me.


I have the exact same problem and just found a solution:

Go to the Pictures folder in your home folder.

Right-click (or Control-Click) "iPhoto Library" and choose "Show Package Contents".

Move whatever is inside the "Import" folder to another place on your Mac, probably your desktop for easy access.

These photos (assuming you want to keep them), are locked and you will need to unlock them via Get Info. Then if you want them in your library, reimport them in. If you dont want them, just Secure Empty Trash it.

Good Luck.
here's the link
iPhoto error Message Everytime I open! - Mac Forums

thanks very much rontheancient

Sawday 12-02-2008 11:53 AM

Whenever I get this, and when I know that the photo is readable by other software, I load the photos into a photo edit program outside of iPhoto and fool the program into thinking you have changed it - by rotating 360 degrees for example - then save it. Invariably, iPhoto will then import it without a problem.

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