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    Remove window's title bar
    Hey all,

    Does anyone know a way to remove the title bar from a window? I'm using Afloat to keep my terminal as an overlay on the screen, but it would be way cooler without a title bar. I don't need it anyway. - forum for fun people

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    I'm trying to figure out how to do this in seems like it should be simple. One way is to use Interface Builder (if you have the Mac OS developer tools installed) to edit the app's main .nib file...however, this doesn't exist for Firefox. See this thread over at MacWorld for some more discussion.

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    Ok, so I haven't totally figured this out... You'll have to examine the code to figure out exactly how to do this. But here's your answer: The Mac application 'Stickies' has a custom title bar. Go into the Developer\Examples\CoreData\Stickies folder and open the stickies project. Run it and you'll see it has a custom title bar. I think it's just a NIB file directly loaded as a window instead of a normal application XIB file.

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