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    Unhappy Using Symbols in MS Word

    I have MS Office for my iBook and I am having a very specific problem. When you go to "Insert...Symbol..." and then choose "Shortcut Key...", normally when you try to enter, for example "Option+A" it shows up as such. But instead, it refuses to reassign the keystrokes! In addition, at least for (umlaut)a, it will not use the keystrokes listed currently as the shortcut. This is very frustrating for me because I currently live in a country where I need to use these symbols in daily work.

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    On the mac the umlaut can be typed using command u, then press the letter you want the umlaut over, so here is command u then u ü

    acennted e is command e then the letter é

    reverse accent is command ` then the letter à

    å is just simple command a

    â use command i then type the letter to get ^

    ø danish, just type command o

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    Did you mean Option+U,A? Even so, I'd like to change it to something else and this is when the problem occurs. When I try changing this by going to "Insert... Insert symbol..." and press Option+A to replace the Arabic "a" shortcut key (which I should be able to do) it gives me the actual Arabic "a"!

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    The best character insertion application I've ever used, although it is outside Word, is PopChar. Its icon tucks away in one corner of the menu bar and you simply click on it and then mouse to the desired symbol. Quick, simple and effective. The Pro version is well worth buying.

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