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    Time machine questions
    I made the quantum leap over to the Mac platform. Untill now, perfect experience. I bougth a 20" Imac, with 320GB harddrive.

    Installed bootcamp and XP for gaming.

    Now, on to my questions regarding Time machine (TM):

    1. I have an externel USB powered 320GB harddrive (HD). Is this suitable for using TM?
    2. If so, is it possible to make full HD backup (so both OS's are backed up to external HD?
    3. What''s the best filesystem for the external HD?
    4. Is it possible to have mutliple partiotions, so I can use the external HD for more purposes than just backupdisk?

    Thanks for the help

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    1. Yep
    2. That's a good question, you might have to back up the two partitions separately.
    3. For Time Machine you need the Mac OS format.
    4. Yes. This is also a good way to stop Time Machine filling the whole drive.

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