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    Microsoft Messenger email sign in problems?
    I just switched last week from a PC to my new Mac (w/ Leopard), and things have been going swimmingly, except for one little annoyance, specifically with Microsoft Messenger for Mac. Since I have a Hotmail address that I use pretty regularly, I had Windows Live Messenger on my PC and downloaded the Mac version (7.0) a few days ago. I am doing fine signing in (I saw some people had had issues with that), but the problem starts AFTER I'm signed in, and this only occurs when I'm on wireless (no problem when connected with the ethernet cable):

    Whenever I sign in, and the notification of my Hotmail messages pops up, and I click on it to go to my inbox, the resulting page that opens up in Firefox says "The e-mail address or password is incorrect. Please retype the e-mail address and password, or sign up if you haven't already done so." I type in the same password that I did when I signed into messenger to begin with, and then I get to my inbox. But on my PC, and when I'm connected via an ethernet cable, it just takes me right to the message. I'm by no means a computer expert and am definitely new to Macs/OS X, so I figured I'd ask you guys what I need to do to fix this---this is somewhat of an annoyance and given that using wireless is pretty common, I find it hard to believe that every one has to keep typing in their darn passwords every time they get a message.

    I did my best to search through the forum to see if there was an earlier thread about this, and I didn't find one---if you guys know it's been discussed earlier then please forward me the link. If not, then any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    personally ive given up on Microsoft messenger for mac, its got practically no features and there are quite a few bugs and little i use aMSN, its got all the features that MSN has on PCs, it doesnt have the problem that your talking about, and its nicer to use, so i'd recommend trying that out....

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