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    Is there a way to make internet transfer?
    Hey all, I have a strange question.

    I have a desktop (custom PC with Vista) and my macbook, and I don't have a cable ran for the internet as of yet. I am wondering if there is a way to take the internet from my WiFi in my macbook, and send it out for the PC to use over the ethernet port?

    That might sound confusing, I don't really have a better way of explaining it, but please help me out, thanks!

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    The only way to share the internet between the two machines would be to connect them using the same technology, and use the second technology for the internet connection.

    In other words, if you had the Macbook hooked up to the Internet via Ethernet, then you would need to connect the PC to the Macbook via the wireless connection. The reverse would apply if you have the Macbook hooked up wirelessly, as you would then connect the two via Ethernet.

    There's really no way to directly connect a wired Ethernet connection to a wireless connection.

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    I have the macbook connected to the WiFi for internet, and want to use the macbooks ethernet out to send the internet to the desktop.

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    Go into the system preferences. Then select the sharing icon. The list to the right has something called internet sharing, click that and enable it. It should be set to share to ethernet.

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    Hi DigitalN
    I have a WinXP desktop and a wireless router. My Macbook connects to the PC with the wireless Airport Wi Fi. So that is another alternative and there is no problem sharing files with either.

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    do NOT share your internet if the wireless you are getting for your macbook, is connected to a bigger network, like a college network or something. there is a good chance it will mess up that network.

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