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    Office for Mac ?
    Hello all, i am needing to submit work via e-mail for school that is compatible with microsoft 2007 and was wondering what my options were? Obviously, i know that office for mac 2008 is compatible, but i have also read somewhere that iwork 08 may be cross compatible with windows as well? I am skeptical of this but i don't know so it could be. I will also have to submit work that is compatible with an older version of office, so i will either have to save it as such or as a rich text file. I guess my question is what do others who are in the same boat use? Thanks

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    With iWork and Pages you can Export a document you have created to PDF for example, or Microsoft Word .DOC format. It should then be possible to open and edit the document in MS Word on a PC.
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    I use NeoOffice, you can get it on the Apple site under downloads Open Source. It works perfectly with MS Office and is free.

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    You have a 30 day trial of iWork (If you dont you can download it from apple). Give it a free spin for 30 days and find out for yourself, the iWork apps work very differently, but the plus side is they create beautiful documents

    If you cannot get on with iWork, then your choices are NeoOffice (Free) or Office 2008. Office 2008 is the best Office for Mac yet created IMO, especially its templates with are much much better than before

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    You will like using i-work
    and it does everything most
    people need to do when
    using office type applications.
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