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Thread: Anyone Using Microsoft Messenger for Mac?

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    Anyone Using Microsoft Messenger for Mac?
    Hey guys,

    I just bought an iMac 24 and so far I'm really happy with it and its a great computer. I'm having on problem though, and it occurs when I use Microsoft Messenger for Mac. I downloaded the software from

    Basically, whenever I sign on to MSN messenger I always loose my internet connection after a few seconds. The wierd thing is, my Airport still says it's connected to the network (which is a wireless N dlink router), and in the router settings it shows my iMac is connected with a signal strength of 100%. But when I use Safari or Firefox after this glitch occurs, they won't load web pages (they just keep trying though, they don't stop and give me the "no connection" page.

    Just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem as this? I am hoping it's just a glitch with the Microsoft Messenger, and not a problem with the wireless card in my iMac.

    By the way, if I turn the Airport card off and then on again, my connection is fine again.

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    Sorry i havent heard about this problem but i would recommend you to take a look at AdiumX instead. A great little IM client supporting many protocols. And one of them is the one MSN uses.
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    Well I use MSN messenger, I have D-link N router and a macbook pro. I haven't had this problem. Sorry.

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    I second Strukt's recommendation of ditching Messenger and using Adium. It communicates with tons of different messengers (AIM, GoogleTalk, etc), so it is much more versatile than messenger. Can't help with your issue, though.

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