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    I need help to discover the best solution for my needs. (what software to use etc)
    Hi there

    I am still fairly new to mac and it has come to the point that I need to advance my business electronically and I want to do this on my mac. So i'm seeking advice regarding database's and similar systems etc. that will benefit me on my mac.
    My needs are below:

    1. Store all clients details on the computer, (this information is currently on paper enrolment forms and therefore on the computer it will require some customized fields)

    2. Synchronise clients basic details with my Samsung U600 Mobile Phone

    3. Synchronise clients basic details (email address min.) with my Gmail contacts online

    5. Synchronise clients basic details with Apple Address Book (this would be a bonus because I am then looking from moving from web-based gmail to using apple mail)

    I think that is all the info that comes to my right now
    I am not sure if i posted in the right section but please, all help to find a solution would be great because im interested as-to-whether macs really are up for the job (databases etc.) !

    Thanks all

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    Take a look at

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