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Thread: iChat problem

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    iChat problem
    ive been having trouble with connecting to people using ichat. when i click on the video it trys to connect with my friend, it says she didnt accept it and when my she trys to do it with me i accept it and it tells her the same thing. Just wondering if any one has had the same problem or knows anything about it. this is in the details box of the error box

    291.487049 @SIP/SIP.c:2719 type=4 (900A0015/0)
    [SIPConnectIPPort failed]

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    interesting, iChat is boxed with the OS right? Maybe check the Downloads area in site, or better run updates while on the web to see maybe there is an update to iChat?

    Also check your camera is working and not being used in other programs such as iDVD or iPhoto or iCapture.. etc.

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