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    I am new in Mac and I have a MacBook Pro for few months only.
    Windows XP was installed by use BootCamp which is very easy to do, thanks for Apple!

    However, Mac OS X cannot write NTFS partition. So I want to create 1 more partition for Data storage only so that both OS can fully access the data. When WinXP was installed, I adjusted the partition of OSX in Disk Utility, then Windows cannot boot up... also the deleted partition becomes empty and cannot be used... what's wrong?

    Can anyone advise:
    - BootCamp partition cannot move? except using the "pre-released" CampTune?
    - iPartition or CampTune, which is better? or any other good software?
    - should I use NTFS for Mac OSX instead?
    - if 3rd partition is made, use FAT32?

    Thanks a lot!

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    It's probably best to start over by deleting the Boot Camp partition and re-create it. Run the Boot Camp assistant from OS X, select create partition, restore. That will restore the entire hard drive to OS X usage.

    Reboot the machine and create a new Boot Camp partition, install Windows again. You can use NTFS or FAT-32 for the format. You can not create a FAT-32 partition larger than 32 Gb. If you do use FAT-32, it can be accessed by both OS X and Windows. Of course if you install Vista rather than XP, you have no choice but to use NTFS.

    I do not recommend creating another common partition to read\write. Instead it's better to purchase the Paragon NTFS driver which will allow you to read and write from NTFS while in OS X.

    There is also a free driver set you can try, however, IMO, the Paragon driver works best.


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    Thanks. I tried and found BootCamp does not allow me to add one more partition. The Windows cannot be executed after creating an additional partition, but it can be resumed after deleting that additional partition!

    I create an additional partition is used to store all files (document, photos....) which will not be affected even the OS crashed

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    I tried CampTune today. Worked well with no issues!

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