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    imac software has reset itself to default settings
    My imac G4 has been reset to all of the factory default settings. I'm not sure how this happened, but I know that my four-year-old had been sitting at the computer for a while randomly clicking on things.

    Now when I start my computer, the desktop image, icon sizes, and doc are all at the default settings. When I try to start an application, I am prompted to set-up the software like it's the first time I'm opening it. Needless to say, my email accounts are gone, ical and address book are blank, and my banking information has disappeared from Quicken. All of my files are still on the computer (I think), I just can't get to them when I start an application.

    I started digging through the ical folders and found some of my calendar data. I was able to reset one calendar, but I haven't had time to find others.

    Is there something my daughter could have clicked on to reset everything? Is there any way to undo this?

    Please help!

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    Your 4 year old may have renamed your user folder.

    When you next start up, a fresh yourname User account is set up with the default doc and desktop (I bet your files are missing too)

    Look in the Users folder

    If you see a folder that looks like it has been renamed, (unless it has been moved) then rename your newish user folder temp and rename the changed folder to your old user name (in my case the user folder is Louishen)

    If the child has moved your folder then you may need to find it and return it to the Users folder.

    If you get everything back, then consider setting up another User for the mac for your 4 year old that has standard privileges and not admin privileges like your own account

    good luck

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    It seems that my user ID file is still in tact. When I log in, I am able to access all of my personal files and folders. My issue only seems to be with each piece of software. For example, when I'm in Safari, all of my bookmarks are gone. When I open Mail, It prompts me to set up a new account, etc.

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