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    Aug 17, 2008
    Talking everything about mac ( i'm new)

    I'm thinkin to buy a mac (my first one)
    BUT i dont know anthing about it, the only thing i know is that it is COOl

    So, could you guys tell me how mac works with programms and games
    like: can i play guild wars or counter-strike source on mac ?
    Is it simple to download stuff on the internet cuz i heard something about that mac doesn't support ".exe"
    so i think it makes it difficult to download programms on the internet cuz most things are ".exe"

    who can give me some basic information

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    No, it doesn't make downloading things difficult. ".exe" is a Windows thing. Mac's just do it differently. We have ".app". If you're downloading things you just need to find a Mac version of whatever it is you want (MSN, Limewire, etc etc).

    And I answered your game question in your other thread.

    Happy Maccing.

    I seriously think you should try out a Mac before you buy one though, maybe go to a Mac store or if any of your friends have one get round there and have a go.

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    Aug 17, 2008
    Ok, thx now i know it

    but do you think i should be one cuz a friend of my has one and he LOVES it, just like me

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