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Thread: iChat/MSN Messenger

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    iChat/MSN Messenger
    Right, first off I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place.

    anywho, I am currently contemplating a Macbook and I wanted to know what kind of instant messenger type applications I could use with it.
    I know that Macbooks use/can use iChat, but will that still work with my hotmail email account, and will I be able to chat to my mates who use MSN messenger on their PCs?

    If not... will I be able to download and install MSN messenger onto the Macbook without risking any illeffects?


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    You can use Adium which will connect to AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Jabber ....
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    Or just get plain old MSN for Mac. Not video support sadly, but it does the trick if MSN is what you want!

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    will they make msn on mac capable of using webcams?

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    There's a current program called aMSN that I think allows the viewing of webcams.. and I got my webcam to work it once if I recall. It isn't the best, but it does sort of things the Mac Messenger won't (nudge, winks, sound clips and more). I personally don't like the feel of it so I stick with the Mac Messenger when it comes to MSN. Only downsides are no webcam, no soundclips, no MSN plus, nudges and more.

    But I think you can use Adium for MSN which is ok.. I don't think MSN goes with iChat though. If you're looking to cam, I'd say go with or another webcam-based site.

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    Hi, you could use Skype like I do and I also use Yahoo Messenger which has webcam settings.

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