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    Best Mail Client?
    Hello members,

    Recently got my MBP with Leopard on it... and I am trying to figure out what would be the best email client for me to use on my computer. It already has Mail of course and also something called Entourage.

    I really need to be able to use IMAP protocol for my emails (1, 1 gmail hosted)... which program would be the better to use for IMAP? I am also a blackberry user, managed to successfully sync with address book, etc..

    Loving the mac so far, its my first and it has been great.

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    Mail can use imap with gmail just fine, just set it up as an imap account. If you don't like mail, a lot of people use thunderbird.

    Personally, I use Mail.

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    Another vote for Mail! Entourage is just too darn messy. If you just need simple email stuff - Mail all the way!

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