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    Issue with Baldur's Gate 2 Installation
    When I try to install Baldur's Gate 2, nothing happens. The disc icon pops up, but the installer doesn't start, and I can't find any .dmg or anything (Which is what I believe Macs use to install programs) on the disc.

    At first I thought that Baldur's Gate 2 wasn't supported on Mac, but I knew Baldur's Gate 1 was, so I did a quick google search and found a lot about BG2 on Mac. However, I didn't find any information that could help me, so I was hoping somebody here knew how to get my installation started.

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    Feb 19, 2009
    the same thing happened to me when i put the cd in but then i just ejected it put in balders gate disc 2 ejected that and then put in disk one again and it was fine for some reason lol

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    I installed all of the BG2 files onto my macbook. I click on the BG2 icon and i get an insert cd 2 i do not have the cd 2 i uploaded all of the files with the maximum amount of install.

    Please someone tell me how to fix this, even if it means reinstalling and starting from scratch

    running a macbook with SNOW LEOPARD

    How do I play this game it is one of my all time favorites please help!

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    How exactly are you going to re-install the game if you don't have cd 2?
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