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Thread: Need help finding the best instant messenger client for my needs

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    Need help finding the best instant messenger client for my needs
    Hey everyone, I'm new to these forms! Now before you get ready to flame the newbie I have already seen the AIM client poll that is stickied. It's not what I came here to find (but it is how I came here, strangely enough). Anyway here's my dilemma:

    I've been a mac user for about 4 years now, and I've tried a few AIM clients. First off was iChat, which was okay but I really just hated the look and feel of it, and the whole no profile thing made me mad (although I could really care less now about the profile thing). So after that I tried the official AIM for mac, which lasted about 10 minutes before I deleted it. Then I found adium which made me happy. I've been using adium for quite some time but one thing about it just gets under my skin so much: the file transfers don't work! at all! I know they claim they do, and on some machines they do, and even sometimes on mine they work, but they are VERY hit and miss... with much more miss than hit.

    Now I know it's the program and not my machine because iChats file transfers work perfectly every time. I'd switch over if it didn't look and feel so icky to me, and if the chat logs were better. Now here's what I'm looking for and need your help with:

    I want an AIM client (I don't care if it supports other instant messengers, I don't need that really)
    I want one that looks nice or at least has a customizable interface
    I want file transfers to WORK, not some of the time, but all of the time
    I want one that has chat logs, and preferably a log viewer

    If anyone can recommend an AIM client that has all four of these things it'd be greatly appreciated!

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    There are several you can try. Check
    Fire, Proteus, Adium, etc.
    Check here too:
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