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Thread: lost iphoto library photos..pls help

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    Aug 10, 2008
    lost iphoto library photos..pls help

    i had over 2000 photos and about 20-30 videos in my iphoto library and was a fool to not make a backup. i didnt do anything new but noticed one fine day that all my pics n videos were not thr in iphoto. when i search for them using spotlight i see jus the thumbnails of all d pics n videos. when i go to users/pictures there is no iphoto library folder thr...jus a iphoto library icon which when clicked opens iphoto only. however when i open the 'get info' option by right clicking iphoto library...i see that it still has about 2.5 GB data (which was the size of my pics n videos) does it mean all my data is still in the iphoto library? if it is pls tell me how i can recover it? i tried the rebuild option too but it jus rebuilds the few pics (about 120) that i added after d loss of d earlier data...

    i will be really grateful if someone can help me as i am distraught by the thought of losing my collection


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    Aug 10, 2008
    can any1 help me?


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