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Thread: VMWare - any way to change disk size...

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    VMWare - any way to change disk size...
    I have a Windows XP VMWare session with a 10GB virtual drive. I need to change that to 15GB or 20GB. Its not teh partition I need to change but the actual disk drive, like upgrading your physical disk drive on a computer.

    I don't want to have to reinstall the Windows OS and all the applications if I can avoid it...


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    Bump...need help here...

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    Quote Originally Posted by zimbu1234 View Post
    Bump...need help here...
    If you're using a virtual HDD, it should expand dynamically. No need for intervention on your part.
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    this tutorial is fantastic! i had the same issue as you, and if you're not set to dynamic then this is a great step-by-step guide to resizing the virtual disk, pretty painless as well.

    there should be a downloadable pdf file titled "resizing a virtual disk for windows guests" thats the one!

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