Hopefully everyone knows about this DNS server hacking scheme that is able to hack a DNS server and send millions of unwitting web surfers to cloned websites. If this was a bank a hacker could potentially clone a website to perfection except for the login frame which could then send the hacker your user name and password and then forward you to the actual website unknowingly. The browser would just assume that they typed their password in wrong. This could net a hacker millions of bank account logins in a matter of the first hour. This appears to me to be the MOST DANGEROUS exploit of the internet in history.

It would seem that the solution, barring a DNS server side fix, is to type in the actual IP address (ex. for the secure sites that you wish to visit instead of using a URL "chase.com" The problem with this is that Safari always adds an *http://* to the beginning of the address disallowing you to use direct IP addresses.

*How can I type in a direct IP address into Safari, Firefox etc.?* Please let there be an answer.