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    Newbie iPhoto help needed
    Ok, I am a mac newbie...

    I have a bunch of pics in my iPhoto and today the wife wanted to upload some to walmart and have them printed out. When I try to locate the pics, I can't get them. I can control click on a picture in iPhoto and it tells me the path to the photos, but when I try to navigate there for uploading, the iPhoto library doesn't exist.

    Any clues?


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    If you're navigating through Finder, it doesn't seem to recognize the iPhoto Library folder as a folder. Is that what you mean?

    I got past this by copying the photos I wanted to another folder in my home directory.

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    i would suggest dragging and dropping the pictures you would like to upload to walmart onto your desktop from iphoto, upload then delete or store


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    Stay out of the finder! Users are not meant to do anything to/with their photos in finder. That is why Apple has change the file to be a package -- to keep users from messing about in there and corrupting thir files. Either drag the photos to your desktop from within the app, or use the export function. I suggest export, because then you can choose the size of the photo, and for printing, you would probably want the largest.

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