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    MS Office Word (2008) for mac question...
    I haven't had this fully confirmed 100% yet, people who don't have it keep giving me guess answers, so if you have used or have MS Office 2008 for mac please let me know. I like the notebook layout view in Word 2008, but is there a way to print that view (with the notebook lines/margins etc.)? I know it isn't possible in 2004 version when the layout view first was used. If not, is there a user-made template or some aftermarket solution to print using this layout? I don't understand why they wouldn't have that option, what good is the layout if you can't print it?

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    I just converted a document of mine to Notebook Layout in Word 2008 with the Notebook scheme and then printed it to a pdf file. It was like a plain sheet of paper with the text on it, no notebook lines, etc. Sorry...

    Can't answer the second question about an aftermarket solution, I don't use the Noetbook layout myself.


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