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    Office 2008 Student Edition
    Can somebody help. I have been told when you buy Microsoft Office 2008 student/academic edition you only get the disc plus the key chain number. Please can somebody clarify if this is true. I would have expected the edition to come in a box with instructions for installation and other documentation supporting its authenticity. When you look at the image on the Apple Store it looks as though it comes in a box but have been told by numerous people it doesn't and its basically a disk with the number.


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    It depends on where you buy it from. If you buy it from Apple, you'll get a boxed copy. If you buy it through your school, you may well get only the disk.

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    I've seen retail packages in stores - but I can't help wondering why anyone would buy Microsoft Office when NeoOffice does the same thing and more for free? :-) (It's donationware found at

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    While NeoOffice is a free alternative, it's bloated and has a way to go to compete with MS Office or even iWork08. Just my opinion, of course.

    To the OP:

    Office 2008 Home\Student edition can be purchased as a boxed copy with the MS Logo and three license keys for installation. It's available from most reliable web discounters: Newegg, Amazon, Buy Com, etc. Shop around.
    Prices from web discounters are usually at least 10% or more less expensive than from MS or Apple.

    The same Home\Student edition is also available through most university book stores and community college retail stores. It usually comes shrink wrapped as a single disk with one license key. However, the cost is usually less than half of what it normally sells for. A great bargain for students.


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    With the cost saving purchasing just the disk and the license key in a plastic envelope, buy a copy of Office 2008 for Macintosh - The Missing Manual by Jim Elferdink from Pogue Press. Look at Amazon for cheap pricing.

    Stick with Office as chscag advises particularly if you are at college etc and will be required to lodge work in Word format.

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    They put them in a box so their harder to steal in retail stores. But yes its basically the CD, a key, and a small manual.
    -Zach, A.C.T.

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    If you buy it from Apple or any other major retailer that offers it like Staples, it should come in the box.

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