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    What would be a really handy way to make a database of my VHS/DVD collection?
    I have like 1000 VHS tapes I’ve been hanging on to for quite some time and the space in my apartment is shrinking! I got a DVD recorder and connected to my VCR and this afternoon started the long hobby of transferring my videos. I think I’ll keep the DVDs in paper sleeves in plastic storage drawers. That will help me retake my space. Each has six to eight hours of video a piece. A lot of stuff I’ve taped off of TV and bought off ebay, etc.

    What I was wondering, does anyone know of a computer database I could index my collection so I could easily locate a specific disk? I use a mac but I would like a setup where I could use windows, mac or linux. I want to copy and paste from IMDB into a piece of information that I could search help locate each disk.

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    You can search either or for DVD cataloger.
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    Look for Bento at your local Apple Store or download it:
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    Try out DVDpedia. It should be able to do anything you want.

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