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    Hello All,

    My company is in the process of getting an XServe, and I was wondering if there was a product offering from Apple that would let us upload portfolio images into something resembling the albums used with MobileMe?

    We can already duplicate just about every other service, from email, to iCal sharing, to iDisk, with the XServe.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Hm, I'm not expert but if you want to upload images for your like groups and stuff to see cant you use .Mac accounts to upload them onto online albums you can share with people? I know that you can do this I'm just no pro with it. But this is what I'd say your best bet was.

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    Part of the reason we're investing a ton of money into a co-located XServe is so that we can consolidate our services instead of keeping some things on MobileMe, and other things on Servers A, B, and C, with still more stuff on various service sites.

    Oh well, I'm sure there are other web albums I could find online - but Apples, as is often the case, is just so nice...


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