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    Exclamation DVD- Carbon copy (please help!)
    Hi all;

    I need to carbon copy movie-Dvd's (self owned, therefore legal). Meaning exact copies that will include menus (options, extras, languages), and everything else.

    I have tried Handbrake but does not make an exact copy but takes the "movie" without menus and puts it in some kind of another format like Mpeg or Avi. BUT those formats might not be played in every Dvd player.

    So the idea is to make really exact copies... anyone can help?


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    Have you tried Mac the Ripper?

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    Mac the Ripper does not make clone / carbon copy ... does it?

    Maybe i am missing something and should try again but once Mac The Ripper finishes and puts everything in a folder... what should i do after with that folder so that it goes as carbon copy to another Dvd? Do i need to pass by iDVD application all the time?

    Any comments or suggestions>?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manuel View Post
    Hi all;

    I need to carbon copy movie-Dvd's (self owned, therefore legal).
    I own several DVD's. That doesn't make it legal for me to copy them.

    PLEASE READ: Important information about DVD Ripping

    If the movie were actually self-made, as in: produced, taped, edited and all content contained on the DVD created by me.... then I could copy it to my heart's content.
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    ... yeah.

    Got a bunch of cartoons and kid's movies that because of use and our child's manipulation, just get spoiled.

    My idea is to back them up to always have a copy, instead of re-buying when his favorite cartoon/movie doesn't play any longer.

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