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    Simple Windows game wont work.
    I've found a site with liste games compatible with mac. Since the laptop doesnt have a very good graphics card I choosed to install a very simple game. Knights and merchants the peasants rebellion seems to be supported by mac. So I installed it with crossover mac. But when I want to play the game it boots up but it plays with less then 1 FPS. Unplayable slow. It took me 10 minutes to quit the game since it doesnt react at most times.

    I have no idea what coud have causing this. do you guys now what might be happening?

    System information >>

    OS:Mac OS X Version 10.5
    CPU:2,2GHZ Intel core 2 duo

    Not the best of the best. Atleast the videocard isnt that good. but KAM TPR even runes good at slower cards without problems. So if someone got a idea on how to solve this please help me.

    thx in advANCE

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    That machine should be robust enough to play that particular game. My guess is that CrossOver just doesn't have full support for it. You could always try installing Windows via Boot Camp and playing it directly within Windows.
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    Crossover is a really bad software in my opinion
    What I did was install Windows on Boot Camp
    And install my games on a portable HDD
    Tough one thing I don't like is I always try to hide when I start a game(Not during game only in the process of starting it), because I'm ashamed of anyone seeing me use windows on a mac

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    If I had the supplies to do it I would certainly install such software.

    The problem is Im on holiday in the US and this is the only computer I have atm. And it is my sisters computer. ANd she doesnt allows me to install any other software on it. Even if I tell her it's neccesary to play that particular game.

    Do you guys know about some games compatible with mac who do run and install decently on crossover mac. I might buy such a computer game here in the USA. Caus Id really like to play a video game from time to time since we travel alot by car.

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