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    One iTunes Library for Multiple Macs?
    Hi All,

    What's the best way to share a single iTunes library amongst multiple Macs, that could be played and/or updated by any of them at any time, even simultaneously?

    Is it even possible?

    I tried searching Google, but got a lot of results about multiple libraries, but nothing helpful for my situation.



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    That's a toughie. Having it all on a NAS could do it - but when someone else added something to the library it wouldn't update on all the computers unless they all added the file to their separate ones.

    Sharing each computers library over the network would let you play one another's music, but not edit or update...

    Sorry, rambling, I'll have a think.

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    They need to make your library so you can save it on a network drive (time capsule, or connected usb hard drive) and when you access it from different computers and change it, it will sync up each time.

    I'm almost positive that if you add a song from a different computer to the library, it will save to to your library folder, but on another computer, it will not show up in itunes.

    Is there a way to set it to scan for media in a certain file each time it starts up?
    -Zach, A.C.T.

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