Hi All,

Im a new MAC user and Im a bit confused about QUICKTIME !!

I have Final Cut Pro for my video editing, which automatically UNLOCKS the Quicktime PRO capabilities. Because to capture video from my DV camcorder, I needed Quicktime PRO. This was GREAT, up until I decided to UPGRADE my Quicktime v7.0 to version 7.5 !!! Now, I DONT HAVE THE QUICKTIME PRO ANYMORE !! WHY IS THIS ??? But my MAIN question is:

Does the upgraded Quicktime 7.5 have the same features as QuicktimePRO v7?

Now, before I get any replies, I just want you to know, that the reason why im asking is because,, MY CAMCORDER IS ON HOLIDAY (with my sister) AND WONT BE BACK FOR ANOTHER WEEK,, THEREFORE I WANNA BE PREPARED FOR WHEN IT RETURNS. BASICALLY, WHAT IM SAYING IS,, I HAVENT TRIED TO CAPTURE DV VIDEO USING QUICKTIME 7.5 BECAUSE I CANT (for now)!!

Replies appreciated!!