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Thread: mobileme screwed my calender

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    mobileme screwed my calender
    I just signed up for the mobileme trial, and the first thing it does is ******* screw my entire calender up. I use the calender application to schedule EVERYTHING and now all of my events have been set back 3 hours. Now there are events that I no longer remember at what time they begin. When I tried correcting a few mobileme had some error and just went ahead and deleted it entirely. I can't describe how incredibly angry I am right now, I want to call someone at apple and chew them out. But short of my calling and yelling, is there anything I can do to reset it or are all of my events permanently screwed?
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    Sorry to hear that. Doesn't say which OS you are using but if it's the latest I would try to figure out something with TimeMachine. Also, one time my entire address book got wiped some how. I was able to recover it from my iPod, which was set to sync contacts and calender. So if you have an iPod or iPhone you could try syncing back that way.

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    I'm using leopard with the latest updates. I managed to salvage most of my events but I'm still in relative limbo. I've just cut my mobileme account off and do not plan on using it ever again. I have no real use for it anyway.
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