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Thread: football manager 2008 & SIM works w/ macbook?

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    Jul 23, 2008
    football manager 2008 & SIM works w/ macbook?
    Does anyone know if Football manager 2008 works allright w/ my 13" core duo macbook? and which SIM game compatible w/ it? any help would be appreciated.
    thanks much

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    Jun 26, 2008
    it works absoloutley fine on my iMac (newest version). problem is though the resolution is so high on the mac, the game will play in a small window version with black lines all around because the highest resolution for the game is 1024 x 768.

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    Aug 02, 2008
    If anyone can answer this question here:

    Then changing the resolution should be a breeze.

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    Dec 23, 2007
    Really sorry for digging this very old thread. But I just started playing FM 2008, facing the very same problem, and I had been around without finding any answer for this simple problem but truly annoying. So I am writing this out of desperation

    I can't play without forced to see black background and the low resolution that hurt my eyes.

    But fortunately after trying desperately to call .app file from the terminal without succeed (I mean it :p), finally I found the solution. So here it is.

    Open the Terminal and type ($-sign is the prompt, don't write it) :

    $ /Applications/Sports\ Interactive/Football\ Manager\ 2008/ --fullscreen_width=1280 --fullscreen_height=800

    Now go to Full Screen, and you will play in 1280x800 resolution (I use black MacBook).

    Here is the main idea. Mac OSX is UNIX (despite what you say that it is just a UNIX variant, or whatever). I imagine that any executable file in Mac OSX must be able to be 'called' from the shell. I presume that .app file could be a file or script or folder or package. The problem is, on the Terminal, simply typing ./*.app will not call the program, so it must be not an executable file. Apparently when we right click on .app file, there is information that we can see its Package Contents, so I know for sure, that this is actually a folder.

    After looking around inside it, I found the real executable file 'fm' with no .app extension, hidden in the folder Contents/MacOS. So this one should be able to be called from shell directly, just like fm.exe that we can call from Windows terminal.

    Of course you can also put an icon on your desktop and make it as a shortcut to call this 'fm' file from shell. For you who usually use desktop environment in Linux should be able to guess on how to do it.


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