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    Dashboard Time Zone Converter?
    Is there a widget for Dashboard that acts as a time zone converter? Something like

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    You can put as many clocks (with as many time zones) on your dashboard as you like.

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    Time Zone Converter
    I guess what Simms means is if there is a widget that can convert the time. So if I need to know what time it is in Europe when it is 9am in Manila or so. When you have to host conference calls that are spread out in the world it is difficult to do that. I would love to have such a widget as well, so please if anyone knows this, post it.

    Thank you

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    I am also in need of an app like this... please post if you know of anything!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kickteeth View Post
    I am also in need of an app like this... please post if you know of anything!
    Same here. It seems whenever I'm in a need of this calculation, I grab my iphone and use the "Cities" app - it does exactly what I need, so if I could just move that to my dashboard..

    All the clocks don't help to do the "math". islayer widged displays all the clocks nicely - I wish I could also move the clock hands back and forth

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    Cool Aion might do the job
    Just found this little app:

    Aion 1.7.2 software download - Mac OS X - VersionTracker

    It's not a bran new app, but seems to do the job and I'm quite liking it so far (just downloaded).

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