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Thread: iTunes: Moving Multiple Artist info to Album Artist....HELP!

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    Question iTunes: Moving Multiple Artist info to Album Artist....HELP!

    Right, it's a bit of a tricky one and I've searched just about every corner of the web to find an answer but no luck yet....

    I'm new to itunes and have imported about 10,000 songs from various libraries, cd's and friends and am now labelling them all to make the best use of the itunes format.

    Is there any way to move 'Artist' info to 'Album Artist' for multiple tracks at the same time?? I can't use the get info option as all the artists are different.

    The reason is (I hear you asking why?)..
    I have lots of compilations (Ministry Of Sound, Hed Kandi, Best Album In The World Ever...etc).
    When using cover flow, I like them in order of Artist.....which means compilation albums appear dozens of times for each different song and artist. So I want to move the information over to 'Album Artist' and label the 'Artist' as the compilation producer.

    Any's killing me to think of doing it all manually

    All help would be much appreciated...

    Many Thanks

    Oh and I've always been told it's rubbish, but I love itunes....just need to get on top of the back catalogue

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    Select all the songs you want to change info for, by clicking the first one you want to change and than the last one and that will select all the songs in between the two. Now press cmd+I and away you go.
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    Already Tried This.....
    As I said before....I can't use the 'get info' or 'cmd+I' option as all the artists are different.

    If you like I want to pick up all the 'Artist' section information, for all the tracks and drag n drop it into the 'Album Artist' section. Can't use the above said method as this would make all the information the same.
    All the artists are different.

    Any ideas?

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    To clarify:

    For example, you've got MoS Chillout Sessions 3 on there, and each song has a different artist listed under the "Artist" column, and the "Album Artist" field is empty. Right so far?

    What you want to do is for all the songs, have the Album Artist as "Ministry Of Sound", or something to that effect.

    Is that right? Or are you asking something else?

    If that's what you're asking, what the vindicat3d suggested is correct. First, make sure you're viewing your library in "List View" or "Album View" (View menu) and that your library is sorted by album. This should group the albums together - if not, you've got inconsistencies somewhere in the tags - let me know if albums aren't grouped together. Select all the songs in the album and click "get info" (not sure how to do this on a mac). tick the box next to "Album Artist" and type in the name you want (i.e. Ministry Of Sound), then click OK. Tip: you can ammend the "Album Artist" field for multiple songs even if the artists are all different.

    I'm sorry if that's not what you asked, let me know if it's not.

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