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    Jan 09, 2008
    send my .me email TO hotmail
    Hi all,

    I was just wondering, and i know it seems the wrong way round, how can i get my .me (or.mac) email forwarded to hotmail?

    I need to do this, as i work offshore and our systems are old and i know that the new mobileme website won't be too easy to use, unless i can talk them into installing firefox. (doubtful, my work is full of dinosaurs!!)

    I'll only need to do it for the times i go away and can resume normal email acitivity when i get home?

    Has anyone any ideas?


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    go to mobile me, click preferences in mail, other, forward my mail to another email address
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    Jan 09, 2008
    its that easy??

    thanks for the reply, off to try it now,

    thanks again!!

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