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    Cool App to control iTunes via Web Browser?
    Hey guys,
    Have any of you heard of an app that allows the iTunes app to be viewed and controlled via a Web Browser - like from a smartphone or a Web Tablet?
    I saw an app specificly for the iPhone but I'd like something for my BlackBerry or a Windows Mobile Device.
    The reason - I have a new remote control for my whole house automation system - it has a web browser built in where I can bring up any IP address. I had heard there was an app that would allow iTunes to be IP.
    Any suggestions would be helpful.


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    Take a look at Remote Buddy. You didn't say what kind of remote you have and several remotes are supported. It's a great program, I used my Wiimote on my MBP for a while and you can control more than just iTunes.

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    hmm - not really what i was looking for. Cool looking app though.
    I have a Nevo S70 remote control which is a 3.5 inch color touchscreen with 19 hard button keys on it. It blasts IR, has Z-Wave for RF Communication to its RF basestation, and it has a Wireless G Card built in with a Web Browser function. The Web Browser is the feature I want to use to control my iTunes content on my Mac. I thought there was a app out there that created an IP address for the iTunes interface so that iTunes could be viewed and controlled remotely from any IP enabled device ie Smartphone, Web Tablet, iPhone, iTouch etc.

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