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Thread: Skype issue

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    Skype issue
    so my colleague's computer, a G5 powermac, had to have the harddrive replaced a month ago. she was in thunderbird, OSX asked her if she wanted to install the usual software updates, she hit yes, and it all went blank and would only restart to a grey screen after. took it in the the store, they replaced the harddrive and migrated everything over to the new one.

    ever since, she can't get skype to work - no matter how many times we try reinstalling it, it just bounces once in the dock and then quits.

    there are other quirks too - in word, some of the icons show up as 'quicktime pict'.

    we've tried running disk utility, deleting the plist and cache files related to skype, reinstalling quicktime, and nothing helps. any suggestions???

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    I don't have an answer for you. But it would help someone else if you give the version of the OS you are running and the version of Skype you are trying to load.
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    I have seen this happen before. Try completely unplugging the computer, and/or downloading all the software updates.

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