I just got Adobe Font Folio 11 and opened the dmg file. This mounts it and it shows 6 folders:

"Western Fonts"
"Western Fonts (type 1)"
"Educational Material"
"Additional Language Fonts"
"Deprecated Fonts"

So, of course, this is not a program but simple a large collection of fonts with no application in it (meaning you need to use another application to MANAGE it). Fine. I don't plan - following the advice here - to install all them but to selectively install those fonts I need/want.

Now, I also just installed Font Agent Pro 4, which I believe I can use to access and install (enable and disable) fonts at my discretion.

Font Agent Pro 4 now is empty 'cause I have not yet imported any fonts.

Question#1) Am I correct in assuming that if I import I am not installing the fonts but simply "mounting them" into Font Agent Pro 4 so I can have visibility of these fonts WITHOUT or PRIOR to installing them?

Question #2) If #1 is correct, what do I need to do now then: Do I have grab some or all the 6 folders inside Font Folio 11 and put them somewhere in my hard drive and then look for them using Font Agent Pro 4?


Rick Mahmoud