Apparently, out of nowhere my MS Word began to quit when opening a file and the message read, "Word Cannot Start the Converter 'Word Open XML' ". Now it just quits with a basic message telling me to try opening the file again. I make the attempt and then the file goes corrupt. Some files open okay, others do not. MS Word 2004 quits with both older files and newer files.

I do not use MS Word daily so I cannot be certain when this problem started; however the last update to my Intel Mac 10.4.11 was July 1st and it was a security update for the Intel Mac along with a Safari update. I've noticed posts in other forums where other people having similar problems recently.

--Restarting the system
--Testing with a different user log in
--removing preference files for Word and/or Office
--Ran Disk Utility and repaired the HD with my start up disc
--confirmed Word was up to date (strange though...I had updated Word to 11.5, but when I check the software by "getting info" it still says v11.3)

Rather than reinstalling software does anyone have any great suggestions?

Thanks so much for your support!