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    Importing mac Mail to Mac Mail
    hey Guys,

    I have a mac running OS x 10.4.6
    Before I wiped my mac and reloaded it I took all the mail messages and put them on an external hard drive.
    Dragged the mail box and all the other sent items and drafts and all that and made sure all the messages where exported.

    I can double click on an email that was dated 2 weeks ago and it comes up with mac mail so I know the emails are there.

    Long store short.
    Once I was done install the mac os and setting up my email accounts again i Imported the all the messages back in my account.

    Now here is my issue.
    for example when i go to my In box ( doesn't matter which folder) I only see emails from 2007. I don't see any of the 2008 emails.

    Any one have any idea on what could be the issue

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    bump still have not found an answer.

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    Have you tried the rebuild option under Mailbox - Rebuild?
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    nope. I will try that and let you know.


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    mac mail
    how do you export the mail account, the sent mail into a file?

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    Sep 13, 2012
    Mac mail
    and then how do you put that file into a new account?
    I recently changed my domain name, so I am trying to keep the old emails from the old domain and put them under the new domain's email address. . .

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