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    Hello fellow mac users!

    I have a quick question. I am using iWeb to build a website. I already got most of the layout and everything, and you all know how iWeb sets it all up that you have the links to different sections of your website on the top, and those are the same links and pages that appear on the left side column of iWeb? You've all seen that... well, my question is... how can I create a link within the my same website, that I don't want to show on the top links of iWeb, but I want to have on the left side column to edit. My users will get there simply by browsing through the website and clicking on a link (that page should have the same design as the other pages), but I don't want that link to show on the top main links... i don't know if I'm expressing my self correctly, but you guys have an idea...

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    I think you just need to open inspector (at the bottom right) select the 2nd tab, which is page. and deselect "include page in navigation menu"

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