Hello everyone,

I like to set up messages (alarms) in iCal (version 3.0.3 on 10.5.3) to remind me of coming events. I sometime leave them open on screen. However, I find the animated alarm clock in these messages annoying.

Someone in an old forum thread suggested to take the .mov file (alarmclock.mov) in the folder "resources" within the iCal package and replaced it with a not animated version. This must have been for a previous version of iCal because there is not such file in version 3.0.3. It seems to have been replaced by an animated .gif file (alarmclock.gif). I replaced this file by a not animated version. Yet, messages keep showing the animated clock. It shows even if I delete the .gif file. I thought it would work the same way but it hasn't changed the clock animation. Can anyone explain why? Thanks!