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lemac 06-25-2008 07:27 PM

How to remove the clock animation in iCal messages?
Hello everyone,

I like to set up messages (alarms) in iCal (version 3.0.3 on 10.5.3) to remind me of coming events. I sometime leave them open on screen. However, I find the animated alarm clock in these messages annoying.

Someone in an old forum thread suggested to take the .mov file ( in the folder "resources" within the iCal package and replaced it with a not animated version. This must have been for a previous version of iCal because there is not such file in version 3.0.3. It seems to have been replaced by an animated .gif file (alarmclock.gif). I replaced this file by a not animated version. Yet, messages keep showing the animated clock. It shows even if I delete the .gif file. I thought it would work the same way but it hasn't changed the clock animation. Can anyone explain why? Thanks!

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