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    Blue Coconut help?
    I just got a new Macbook Pro, and I've been having trouble with transferring my old iTunes library from my old Windows Vista computer. I tried Blue Coconut 1.5, and it was stuck saying "please wait." I saw in the FAQs that it said this problem was usually caused by a large network, but mine is just between my old machine (wired) and my new Macbook (wireless). I also tried version 1.1, and it kept coming up with an Applescript error. I am using OS 10.5.3 and iTunes 7.6.2. Does Blue Coconut not yet support either of these? If not, is there any option for me other than waiting for a newer version?

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    why don't u simply use file sharing and move your whole itunes library over the network...If you just replace your Macbook's itunes folder with Windows iTunes folder and open the itunes, I think it should be able to pick your whole iTunes library easily..I've done this between 2 Windows Computers in the past...& It worked..But never tried it between mac & windows, so you might just wanna back up your stuff before you do anything..

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    I tried that at first, but Vista's file sharing is so messed up, I could not figure out how to do it.

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