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    Regular iCal reminder message?
    Hi. I have a reminder set up in iCal so that a message appears telling me to attach my Firewire drive once a week so I can run a full system backup using SuperDuper!. However, I have to change the date every week, as iCal won't let me specify that I want this reminder to appear on every Friday of the week ad infinitum - I have to specify the exact date. This is kind of a pain.

    Does anyone know if there's a way to have this message appear regularly without having to change the date?


    PS: the reason I disconnect the Firewire drive is that it kicks in whenever the kids switch to their account from mine, and visa versa, and that bugs me no end.

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    Do you have it set up as an event that repeats every week? If it is a recurring event and you try to set a reminder for one of them, it should ask you if you want to change all events or just the one. Simply click 'All' and it should remind you every week.
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