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Thread: Disabling Office Reminders

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    Disabling Office Reminders
    Hello all... just received my wonderful MacBook Pro a few weeks ago... so far, im in awe, and completely sold on the experience...

    my question: ive found a few simple steps to remove the "auto load" of Office Reminders (the annoying little alarm clock), but as yet, all my attempts have failed...

    ive right-clicked the icon itself, and adjusted the "Keep in Dock" and "Open at Login" options... Ive also gone to the applications main menu, selected Office Reminders > Turn off Reminders ... but no luck...

    sure, the reminders are turned off for the current session, but the next time i bootup, the reminders somehow manage to resurface...

    any advice as to how i can permanently remove them at startup?


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    is it in the login items in  menu . System preferences > Accounts > Your account

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    Most appreciated!

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