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    Moving iTunes music from PC to Mac/ how to save Art and details?
    Hi all,

    So im preparing all my files for a move from a lifetime of windows xp to a Mac. I was organising my music in Itunes, labeling albums correctly, adding album art etc .

    However what I am not sure is if all these changes would even be saved when I move it to a mac?

    Typicaly when ive moved my itunes folder between PC's, ive just copied litterly everything, which I guess contains the configurations settings, track details and links to album art etc. But I guess I cant simply copy everything from PC to Mac?

    Following the guide on , I would select the add to libary option in Itunes on my mac and select the music folders which would be on a backup usb drive. It would import everything into the mac. However..... would this import album art, track details, and my track ratings?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    When i moved from pc to mac, i created a backup of my itunes on multiple dvds and then restored them to my mac. It seems that all the meta data that i had updated stayed with the files, but only the files in aac format kept the artwork. Im not sure if there is another way of transfering files that allows you to keep your artwork for mp3 files.

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    Thanks, how did you go about restoring them to your PC?
    did you copy all folders into the music folder and then let itunes add it to libary...

    or did you turn on the option to allow itunes to move items to your music folder , and then just select the files on your dvd to add to libary. ( and letting itunes manage the moving part).

    or..Is there a better way to do this?


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